Sunday, June 29, 2008

Seafair Marathon: Niki!

Legend has it that Pheidippides screamed "Niki!" (victory), then collapsed and died.

I am referring to the Greek soldier who ran 24.85 miles from the battle field to Athens to announce victory against the Persians.

No one in their right mind tried to repeat the feat in two millennia. I mean, the guy died, who would think "that looks like fun, lets make it a sport!" (maybe the Romans, but long distance running, while gory, is not exactly the kind of spectator "sport" they preferred).

Today, in this modern and civilized times, about 5000 runners gathered at the starting line at Husky stadium for the Seafair Marathon and Half-marathon. When Eric and I crossed the finish line, there were no major news to deliver, other than the obvious: "it's hot" and "it was hilly."

Other balanced athletes, who were much wiser, ran the half marathon. There were a total of eight store runners, sun burned, thirsty, and loving the wonderfully organized event. Luscious slices of crispy watermelon taste and feel like pure heaven when even the soles of your feet are burning with the heat.

The volunteers and the spectators along the course were our angels. They took out their hoses and sprayed us, and for only a few seconds, you were as happy as you could be. And then the sun would quickly evaporate the mist off your skin, and only the gritty salt would remain.

All in all, what an experience. The Seafair Marathon is a great event, and we highly recommend it (just make sure you bring a hat and use lots of sunscreen).