Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekly Group Runs

There's a hesitation from some new runners, and some veteran runners, when it comes to attending a local group run for the first time.  Do I need to be in a certain shape to attend the group run? What if I can't run the entire time? How far is the run? What if I don't know the route? All valid questions, but not the type of questions that should keep you from attending a group run.Group runs are not reserved for the elites, or people that are already in great shape. Group runs should be a supplement to an individuals training. This includes walkers, joggers, run/walkers, runners, and racers. Group runs provide a number of valuable training tools for everyone, of all abilities:


Group runs provide the type of accountability to get you out the door and on to the road. When you have people that expect to see you it's much harder to cave-in to the, "I'll run later, I promise." mindset. The more you surround yourself with others that have similar mindsets the easier it will be to get into a good exercise routine.

Diverse Information Sources

With group runs ranging anywhere from 5 to 20 runners on average, it's easy to bounce ideas off other people. Maybe you have a question about an upcoming race, diet, places to run, etc., a group run is the perfect forum for running information.

A Break From Solo Training Runs

Running can be tough, there's no escaping it, but breaking up the monotony of training alone can keep you enthused and excited about your next run. The social aspect of group runs turn a 4 mile run into 4 miles of talk, laughter, and good exercise. Group runs are great places to meet other runners in the area, set up relay teams for races.

You don't need to be in the best shape of your life, or have a 10 year running background to attend. All you need to do is show up and have fun.

The Balanced Athlete's Group Run Schedule: All group runs meet and begin at the store.

Sunday: 8:00 AM - Runs can range between 4 miles and 20+ miles. Sunday's group runs are great for half-marathon and full-marathon runners looking for a group to get in their long run.

Tuesday & Thursday: 6:00 PM - Runs can range between 2 miles 8 miles. A perfect run for the entire family, new runners, and veteran runners alike.

Wednesday: 6:00 PM - Women Only. Runs can range between 2 miles and 8 miles.