Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Racing!

Some of the runners in our group are going to race this coming Sunday (Portland, Bellingham, Victoria, ... did I miss any?). For some of them, this is their first marathon or half-marathon distance! I just wanted to wish you all a good race. I'll be anxious to hear about how it went! You are all very well prepared, so just relax and enjoy.

Also, I would like to invite you to share your racing experience with everyone through this Blog.

Simply click on the link to this Blog located on the left, then scroll all the way to the bottom, and then click on 'Post Comment' (see images below).

On my end, I am going to try to 'dance a last Tango' for 2007 at the Cougar/Squak 50K that's happening tomorrow (hopefully I can still register). I first started to trail run in these mountains, so I hold them very close to my heart. As some of you know, life just got busier for me (school), so I am trying to get one more fix for the year before all I can train for is half marathons (which I love because you can run much faster than in a marathon or 50K).

I send you lots of good thoughts, and let us know how it goes...



Laura H said...

How did your race go today? I saw Eric in the morning and he was on his way to see you at Hwy 900. I hear all the other distances were pretty darn brutal, especially to those who are used to road racing! Hope your race was good!

I did the 10K and won my AG - okay I was the only one in it! But someone (Henry W) told me the Woody Allen quote - 90% of life is just showing up. I couldn't believe the schwag - a huge medal, a technical tee, a waist pack with water bottle, and a Zune! Geez - you would have thought I won overall to see all that!

iliana said...

I had a good race. I had three goals:

1. To have fun
2. To not fall
3. To finish

I accomplished all of them!

This was the hardest 50K I have ever ran. The uphills were pretty brutal and relentless. It got a little muddy and slippery, so I was cautious on the downhill.

I had planned to finish in 6 hours, but halfway through the race, it became clear that this was an unrealistic goal. It took me 7 hours to finish.

They had to move the cutoff time two hours later because otherwise, most people would have not met the cutoff time, which allowed for 7 hours for the 50K.

Uli, who won the 50 miler, was exhausted after the race. His predicted time was off by more than an hour. When I saw him at the finish line he was crashing (low sugar) and was wearing my jacket (that my mom brought me to the finish line) wrapped around his legs. I just hope this race does not negatively affect his goal to go to the Olympics.

The difficult part for me were the last 7 miles. You reach the finish line, and then you turn around to run 7 more (to complete the 32 miles). It is so hard to see your goal right there, and to know you still have to run 7 miles. My mom was there, and she thought I was done. I had to explain to her (she is still confused about ultra distances) that I had to go back and run for about an hour more.

The nicest part for me was meeting some people along the way. I ran the hardest part of Squak with two women. We were talking about many things (some of them not related to running) which took our minds off the steep uphill. I also met a couple of guy friends that were encouraging each other, and they kept telling me 'Iliana, take us up the hill!.' At the finish line I saw all these people. The feeling of camaraderie is just amazing. You hug people you hardly know, but you feel so close to them that you can't help it.

Eric surprised me and was waiting for me at the finish line. He was able to escape from the store to see me finish. I told him that if I had known that he was going to be there, I would have probably run faster the last 7 miles.

Today my legs feel tired (duh!), like I did lots of squat reps at the gym. My feet don't hurt (like they did for Cle Elum, which is a horrible ankle bender). I am going for a short 2 mile run later to get some waste out of my muscles. Right now Eric is running with our Sunday group, I am waiting for them to go out for breakfast (yummy!!!!).

I am happy that you did great at your race. Whether you place in the top 3, or 10, does not matter. Anyone who finished is a winner. I took off quickly to take a warm bath, I have no idea of my finishing place, I am somewhat curious, but not terribly. I am happy with my performance.


Laura H said...

Wow Iliana! That sounds as brutal as the other reports I heard! I wonder how this race ranked among the other venues. One gal - named Sarah- who was contender for winning the 50K dropped out at 4 miles due to tachycardia. She had done the training program with SRC and said only half the field showed up for the 50K on race day. The other half dropped after their 25 mile training run when they saw how hard it would be!

Congrats on finishing and completing all your goals! You deserve some down time and rest! :)

John Rankin said...

Returned from not so sunny Denver last night. It was sooooooo cold and wet, but fun in that crazy marathoner's way... Due to the need to check out, I had to pack all my stuff still wet, in bags. I weighed all the gear (shirts, shorts, socks, shoes) and, compared to dry stuff, they had over a pound of water in them. Besides, I know my shoes squelched as I ran over the finish line.

I reached "goal 1 - just finish" as well as "goal 2 - break 4 hrs". My chip-time was 3:54:48 which wasn't bad for the yuck weather and mile-high altitude.

Still, it was a good marathon. Excellent crowds. Super city to visit. Give this one a try if you're looking for a Fall 26.2 race.