Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunday brought an early Thanksgiving

... for the Balanced Athletes at the top of the steep hill-climb at 277th Street. The group has matured and improved so much this summer that Eric had no worries about taking everyone along the Green River to take on that trail. It rises a few hundred feet in just over 1 mile and though I felt sure that many folk would have rested along the way if they had been out on a "Sunday Solo", being part of a group, everyone made it - running. Not just 14 runners whooping and cheering each other as they wound their way to the top - it was a group. There was a sense of belonging and a shared accomplishment.

Down, down, down Scenic Hill we went, skirting Canyon/Earthworks Park (shouting as we passed Paul B's place to wake him) and back through town to the store. After 9.5 miles only Eric and I were crazy enough to want more so we took off North on the Interurban Trail for a quick out-n-back 6 miles while a few others joined the waiting list for a table at The Wild Wheat. It was an exhilarating second set that we completed in about 42 minutes. Yes, I'm happy that I'm ready for Tucson.

Was it just another Balanced Athlete Sunday run ? No, it was a remarkable run for a number of reasons.

  • The group runs have been getting larger, busier and noisier - Sunday saw our best group in ages with over a dozen people smiling and eager to start at 8am.
  • It was so good to see people there ranging from original runners to the new faces
  • On the run so many little groups forming, changing and re-forming making it a great social event too
  • A number of people commenting how far they have come in running and fitness in only one short summer


iliana said...

Yey! Another blogger!
Thank goodness...I am sure I am not the only one who is relieved :-)

wendy said...

That's an awesome showing for a Sunday run.

I'm so glad to hear your group runs have that nice dynamic - I love hearing where runners of all types/speeds are welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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