Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday run report: Runners on Ice

Every once in a while, our Sunday morning run stands out from all the others. In such occasions, I will blog it so that those who couldn't make it see how much fun they missed :-)

If you ever want to work on improving your running form, try running on ice. After falling a couple of times, you learn that shorter steps, landing on your mid foot, and a straight posture is the way to go.

These are the lessons that some of us learned during our Sunday morning run today. All in all, we did pretty well. Only one person fell: me (quite gracefully though, I was trying to 'demonstrate' the correct way to fall).

Dennis ran into us (literally) at about mile 7. He told us how he slipped on his driveway when he left his house for a run. Being the hard-headed person he is (aren't we all?), he decided to run/skate our usual route to meet the group.

After the sun came out, the ice started melting, and we ran the second half of our 13 miler on less slippery conditions, and at a faster pace (faster than 10 minute miles, that is).

Once we were back in the store, we performed our ritual torture session (stretching). Soo-Hui, one of our weekday run regulars, skipped the run and joined us for breakfast. He was the only person who couldn't finish his 3-egg mushroom omelet. I am not sure if he was just not that hungry, or if our accusatory stares and indirect comments finally got to him...(we are a friendly group, really).

Well, this run will remain in our memories, along with the one when we almost got attacked by an unleashed Doberman (he later turned out to be such a sweet puppy!)...

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