Sunday, March 2, 2008

February News: Fatigue

1. Low-intensity exercise boosts energy and relieves fatigue.
The NYT has a story on a new study showing what many of us already know. If I feel sleepy at work, I sometimes get out for a 15 minute brisk walk, and voila! I am back in the game. The explanation the researchers give is that "...exercise acts directly on the central nervous system to increase energy and reduce fatigue."
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2. Muscle fatigue explained: calcium leaks.
The NYT nicely summarizes a study that elucidates why our muscles get tired. For many years, the theory was that the release of lactic acid causes muscle fatigue. However, this theory was discredited a long time ago (see this story), and the mystery remained. Scientists studying congestive heart failure found that muscles get tired because muscle cells leak calcium. These scientists developed a drug that blocks calcium leaks, and they tested it in mice. The little guys were able to run and swim 10-20% longer. The drug is intended to prevent heart failure, but the article mentions that some athletes may be tempted to use it to increase endurance.
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3. Signs of fatigue due to overtraining.
Another NYT article lists the signs of overtraining, and says that the simple (and obvious) cure is to rest. One of the interesting facts I learned from this article is the reason why our legs feel heavy when we are overtrained: our blood viscosity increases, and thus it weighs more.
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Finally, while looking for these month's news, I found a couple of interesting sites:
AIMS: Guidelines for fluid replacement.
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