Sunday, April 27, 2008

There is always another run

My life has been more stressful than usual these last few weeks. The classes I am taking this quarter are more time consuming than previous classes, and work is as hectic as ever. I have to be very organized so that I can also spend time with my family. And of course, there is running.

The Seattle Times had a well-timed article this week, "Stressed out workers skip gym...", which reminded me that it is exactly in times like this when I must keep running. It is tempting to skip my early morning run when there is so much more to do. Sometimes it seems selfish to go out for a run when I haven't spent quality time with Eric in a given day. But truth be told, Eric almost pushes me out the door in the morning. We have found that my running is an investment in our relationship.

The article mentions something that I completely agree with. In times of stress, sometimes you need to feel that there is something that you can control. As my day progresses, and every-day annoyances and problems pile up weighing down my shoulders more and more, I envision myself floating down the trail the next day. In the solitude of the sleeping neighborhood, with the company of the birds and squirrels, a comforting thought emerges, no matter what happens today, there is always the next morning run.


Laura H said...

Nice! And good for Eric - he knows what counts!

Jon said...

FYI - We're missing you on Sunday runs!


-Jon (on behalf of the group)

iliana said...

I miss you all too, but Summer is just around the corner! I expect you all to keep stretching though, I don't want to come back to a bunch of stiff broom sticks :-)