Wednesday, December 7, 2011

inov-8 Evoskin Review

This isn't about our ancestor's or cavemen... 
I want to make something clear before you begin reading my shoe (well, maybe lack thereof is more apropos) review: This is not a review on the validity that 'traditional' running shoes cause, or do not cause, injuries. It's my belief that the repetition of running form inefficiencies (biological or habitually developed) are the major culprits of injured runners; under most circumstances. Other factors such as inappropriate shoe size (not type), over-training, the sedentary choices between runs (i.e., sitting in front of a computer perhaps reading this blog for too long, work related stress, long commutes in a vehicle, etc.), and repeatedly poor nutritional choices should also be at the forefront of cerebral inquiries. Also, 'minimal' shouldn't be solely (that's a pun) defined as less between your foot and the ground, but also by less heal-to-toe drop. The inov-8 Evoskin falls into both categories, of course.

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